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"Vendettas And Thunderstorms"

"Vendettas And Thunderstorms" - Song Link

Vendettas And Thunderstorms

Words and Music
By Michael Landrio

Verse 1
Lightning in my mind,
Strikes the same place every time,
I soar high and fall back down,
Think too much, burn right out,
Just another neurotic mute,
Situations don't compute,

Verse 2
Thunder in my soul,
Rumbles outta control,
And it has a certain sound,
Feet dragging on the ground,
Just like dice, I roll and crack,
I hit the wall, the wall hits back,

Verse 3
There's a fire in my heart,
Rips everything apart,
Oh, it has a certain feel,
Being down feels too real,
Just another dramatic fool,
No exception to the rule,

Verse 4
Bad dreams found me again,
With a message to send,
Every bad choice made in life,
Will haunt you in the night,
Oh, we have our secret wars,
Vendettas and thunderstorms,

Words and Music © Michael Landrio

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