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A Look Back - "Approved To Be Denied"

LINK - "Approved To Be Denied"

Even though this was a rough home recording and I couldn't get the mix right, I like this song.    A lyric that I'm proud of.

Approved To Be Denied

Words & Music
By Michael Landrio

Trouble casts a shadow,
It's coming down the road,
It's just the way things are,
According to what we're told,
Everything's a struggle, 
And a roller-coaster ride,                                 
Need to catch your breath? 
Approved to be denied,

Stack of bills so high,
I want to crawl under the bed,
If I don't get help soon,
I'll be living in your shed,
I walked downtown,
Gathered strength and applied,
But, oh no I was
Approved to be denied,

Seasons go by fast,
We're easily left behind,
Weatherman say heat will pass,
Tell that to my mind,
I need some relief,
On his forecast, I relied,
Oh, no I been
Approved to be denied,

Politics keep you chained,
Deactivate your heart,
Opinions become problems,
With misguided remarks,
You stick to your guns,
Then find out it's a lie,
Truth has been
Approved to be denied,

Trouble has a way
Of finding those who dwell,
In thought and disbelief
Of Heaven while in Hell,
Everything's a struggle
For Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
One will overcome,
Refuse to be denied,

Words and Music
© Michael Landrio / BMI

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