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           LINK - "Mustang And A Rose" 
In the weeks leading up to what will be my last short film, 
I will be posting and revisiting past projects.   The idea being that when finished, most of the major creative things I've done will be in the same place for  future reference.   
They will not be in chronological  order. 

The first thing I am seeing in the rear view mirror is "Mustang And A Rose."      

This was a Country song I wrote.  The demo was performed nicely by Joe Sins at nashvillesongwriterdemos.com.    He did a good job.  The problem is the song itself. 

This thing was pitched everywhere, but was destined for digital purgatory.  I felt it needed another verse, but the money was already spent and most publishers will not allow unsolicited edits after the fact.   

In the end, I think I was emotionally disconnected from this song 
because I have no faith in the genre.  They always tell you to make the demos under three minutes and get to the point quickly.  Maybe the mistake I made was building the story around a sports car - not a pickup truck. 

 Not my best lyric.    

Words & Music (c) Michael Landrio

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